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Impresa Edile AMATO ELIA is a sole proprietorship founded in 1975 by Elia Amato, who still leads it, assisted by his son, geometra (surveyor) Gaetano Amato.

We can proudly claim to have come a long way of development and successes that has put us in a leading position first in the renovation of existing buildings, then in realization of carpentry in reinforced concrete, and then in the whole building construction, from foundation to painting.

We started working for third parties; then, looking forward a costant growth, we developed on our own new buildings to be placed on property market.

Another step in our company's history was the achievement of “SOA” certifications (attesting if a company is suitable to partecipate in public tenders) and of the "Sistema di Qualità aziendale" (in order to work in the public area and especially to operate with properties placed under the supervision of the Fine Arts Institute according to the Italian Ministry for Heritage and Cultural Activities).

Today, construnction industry means energy conservation, and so we have trained our staff in order to satisfy our clients' need for a dwelling with low management costs.

Our activities latest development looks towards the foreign market. We are able to work in France and, thanks to a partnership with Herital, a company based in Tirana, we are present in the growing sector of Preservation, Restoration and Promotion of the Albanian Cultural Heritage.

Currently, our team is composed of six workers, a technical employee, an architect restorer and an archaeologist, in addition to the founder and holder of the company.

We have at our disposal a large warehouse of 700 sq.m. for the housing of equipment and administrative offices annexed.